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Saare mard ek jaise hote hai” (All men are same )”

Ever heard this dialogue in movies or from one of your female friend ?

I grew up listening to this dialogue.

Is it because of a particular reason or just because they have something in common ?

Well , there are many things starting from the passion of sports to getting laid , but is it fair that we categorize them in the same bucket because of these things.
We women have more things in common , like shopping , gossiping etc.. Ever heard any man saying ” All women are the same ” ?

Do you really think that all men are the same ?

No , I mean
not every men rape ,
not every men howl ,
not every men kill ,
not every men indulge in eve teasing or sexual abuse ,
not every men will cheat on you ,
not every men is a criminal …..

Just look at the good men around you, what about them ? Do they get enough credit for being nice ? Do we ever appreciate their presence in our lives ?

I agree that some men will stare at your breasts continuously , while traveling through metro. But some will sacrifice their own seats ! What about them ?

I agree some will pass dirty comments as you go , but some will make sure that you are back home. SAFE ! What about them ?

I agree some men indulge themselves in sexual abuse & harassment , but some men out their believe in sisterhood and ideal relationships! What about them ?

I agree some men will make you cry , but some will make you Laugh Out Loud ! What about them ?

I agree some men are born with dishonesty running in their blood , but some men are so honest that it makes us laugh ! What about them?

I agree that some men are not loyal in relationship , but what about them who redefines love ! What about them ?

….& so on.

So girls and women reading this , ever imagine how our lives would have been without these awesome men around us ?

They aren’t told this enough , but their presence matter a lot and should be appreciated.

So lets take out few minutes from our lives and thank these good men around us who have made our lives wonderful. The men who choose to be men. Yes they are the MAN , our unsung heroes !  And we are proud of them , aren’t we?

Unnati Madan


58 thoughts on “NOT ALL MEN ARE SAME !

  1. Great post! And I definitely agree. There aren’t even two people that are the same, so how can you say that all men are. haha
    But I guess, most people who say that don’t really mean it anyway. They are just really hurt by several men, that they would utter such words.
    Nevertheless, this post is really on point and meaningful. Keep it up! 🙂

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  2. Thats a great thought my dear… not all men are same and not all women are same too…. we tend to categorize a lot on bases of gender and many other characteristics…. part of growing up.. sadly

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  3. Yeah I agree completely…
    Nicely Elaborated! ☺
    btw I wrote something which cannot be called a Poem 😂😂, I would like if you give your feedback coz You write good Poems Unnati 😀😊☺

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  4. Yes speaking on behalf of good men. We are not all alike. Some men embarrass us, cause us to cringe, make us shake our heads in shock. We were called to be so much more, to care so much more deeply and love our princess passionately.

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  5. The word “all” is referred to as a universal qualifier. And typically includes the subjective opinion of someone who may not get out much, or has been hurt so badly by a circumstance they just don’t see clearly anymore. Everything means everything. Ugh! Men and women both have similarities, but thankfully are individuals. I can imagine being bored by “sameness.” I personally need uniqueness, I love men and women alike. I appreciate their foibles as these make them human. We can’t possibly know perfection, and so probably don’t want to expect that everyone in society received the same memo as it were. I like your “speak out” post. And I’ll make sure to thank both men and women for just being themselves in the future!

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  6. So true lines but you know one thing that “Genhu ke saath ghun bhi pis jata hai”.so same is the case with world today they saw every missile as destroyer,some too act as savior.

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  7. just came across this post and I really enjoyed it:) I wouldn’t have mind if you said we were all the same, I just really enjoyed reading this, very nice post:)

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