One Year❀

Recently, I completed one year with WordPress. I will be reposting some of my short stories here. Feel free to advice, criticize , all sort of feedback is appreciated❀  Let’s connect❀ follow me on my Facebook page , Instagram account for regular updates of my blog.😊 Facebook Page : https://m.facebook.com/storiesfrommydiary/ Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/storiesfrommydiary Happy Blogging❀

Short Stories πŸ’Ÿ

The past and the present….

Sitting next to him In his car ,parked near their favorite tea stall, she saw his face glowing from the sunlight coming from the window, how happy he looked, his dimples were adding more to his charm and were distracting her the most. He was telling about how well his day went, and how excited… Continue reading The past and the present….