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loosing herself….

No, She was not fine, may be, she can never be fine again. Every night, when the world sleeps, she buries her face, in her pillow, and think, and re-think, about things, about, what went wrong.. about, what can be done.. about, what all she lost.. about, what all she had.. but Maybe, she was… Continue reading loosing herself….


One Year❤

Recently, I completed one year with WordPress. I will be reposting some of my short stories here. Feel free to advice, criticize , all sort of feedback is appreciated❤  Let’s connect❤ follow me on my Facebook page , Instagram account for regular updates of my blog.😊 Facebook Page : https://m.facebook.com/storiesfrommydiary/ Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/storiesfrommydiary Happy Blogging❤

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Happy Women’s Day

So , the day has come AGAIN.  ” Happy women’s day to every women in my life “, we’ll post again on our timelines AGAIN.  Debates will be done on girl power, equality, women’s rights, women empowerment and blah blah AGAIN. Gifts, cakes, flowers, chocolates will be showered on her AGAIN. Every women will be… Continue reading Happy Women’s Day

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Happy Ending❤

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone❤ . Thank you for sending your stories, and for sharing , liking and appreciating my work❤ . Your Story, My Words ends here! It was fun knowing and writing your love stories. Covered almost all the shades of love: jealousy, insecurity, friendship, one-sided, love/arrange marriage, etc etc        … Continue reading Happy Ending❤

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The Chance !

Your Story, My Words❤ . Born in a conservative family, where the girls were not even allowed to talk with boys, she dared to love.  She was not the ‘girl next door types’ , she was a rare kind, you will hardly find someone like her. She was beautiful, she was focused, confident, and pure.… Continue reading The Chance !