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HelloΒ Maa, It’s 4:00 in the morning and here, I am thinking about you again, missing you again. But tonight I am not remembering you for how beautiful person you were inside out or how great you were but tonight I am thinking about how fearless and courageous you were as a WOMAN maa. How you… Continue reading A LETTER TO THE MOST INSPIRING WOMAN, MY ROLEMODEL!

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Happy Women’s Day

So , the day has come AGAIN.  ” Happy women’s day to every women in my life “, we’ll post again on our timelines AGAIN.  Debates will be done on girl power, equality, women’s rights, women empowerment and blah blah AGAIN. Gifts, cakes, flowers, chocolates will be showered on her AGAIN. Every women will be… Continue reading Happy Women’s Day

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Don’t Rape ! #NazariyaBadlo

It’s high time that the society accepts that it’s not about those short skirts , or hanging out with boys , it’s about the sick mentality of Β some beasts living in our society or in fact sick mentality of the complete society. The society is so busy in telling and yelling and blaming us women… Continue reading Don’t Rape ! #NazariyaBadlo

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“Ooops ! Your strap is showing “

I remember myself traveling from metro towards my university. And a guy kept staring at me , I got all nervous and scared at the same time. And suddenly one of my female friend came near me and whispered “Hey , your strap is showing ” Β , I quickly put that strap on its place… Continue reading “Ooops ! Your strap is showing “

Random thoughts.😳


“Saare mard ek jaise hote hai” (All men are same )” Ever heard this dialogue in movies or from one of your female friend ? I grew up listening to this dialogue. Is it because of a particular reason or just because they have something in common ? Well , there are many things starting… Continue reading NOT ALL MEN ARE SAME !