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The girl with a broken smile !

Hello all , this one is second guest post on my blog. And this time the guest is Rohit Pandey. Guys do visit his blog. He write awesome soul stirring poems. Stars once brought her smile and grace Are now a reason for her teary face Destiny unfolded that chapter in life Where she is broken and… Continue reading The girl with a broken smile !

Guest Bloggers 😍 · Short Stories 💟

Some special pages..!

Hey , hello all 😊 I just added a new category , ‘ Guest Bloggers’. And here in this post I am sharing few poems written by my first guest , the very special one he is ❤ my father 😍😀 …………………………. जो दिल में समाती हैं , वो हर बात दिल में आती हैं… Continue reading Some special pages..!