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Unconditional Love…?


Last night when he fell asleep in her arms, she kept looking at his charming face.
She realized how lucky she was to have him in her life. She thought about her life, her life that was so miserable before he came into her life. How she was dealing with all the pain on her own. How the people of this so-called “cultured” society used to character assassinate her, for every little thing she did, how people from her work used to talk, say filthy things about her, behind her back and sometimes even on her face. How her own family members had started to judge her for every single thing.

She remembers her first love, she loved him so much. She loved him without expecting anything in return, without implying any conditions, without making any complaints. She was often left alone by him with a hurtful heart. He used to fight with her for every single thing, like for even wearing shorts when they used to go out with friends, for going out with her male friends alone, for even talking with a male friend and smiling in between talks. She was being shouted at, snapped at, in private when no one used to be around and in public when the world used to stop and watch the “mad(ly)-in-love” couple. He even hit her a few times, on her face in the initial days of their married life. She tried to stop him, tried many times but it always ended up in some more hitting and abusing. So, she finally gave up. She stopped “stopping” him from hitting her and abusing her. Sometimes it used to last for a few minutes and sometimes for hours until he gets tired.

She used to think, that love will change him, will make him a better person. She loved him with all her heart but he was too bad to realize anything but she never lost her hopes until she discovered that she was expecting.

She told him that they were pregnant and how happy she is for both of them. How their lives will be filled with happiness and love in a few months, their world will start revolving around their baby. But she could see that he was not happy, he was shocked but not happy.

What happened, aren’t you happy with this?” She had asked.

You whore, who’s baby is this?” He had said.

With whom are you and having sex behind my back?

You think, I am a fool?”

I will Kill you and this baby today, I will end you both today, you slut, I shouldn’t have married you”

You bitch,” he said while raising his hand to slap her on her face.


This time she stopped him, slapped on his face, pushed him harder and rushed to save her child’s life from that monster.

Tears started dripping from her eyes as she remembers her divorce day, how he had said those things again about her in front of all.
She was shattered, her heart was into millions of pieces.

She remembers herself struggling in pregnancy days when even her own family treated her like a liability, moving into a different city was a whole new experience for her and so was being pregnant.

She was scared, scared for her baby, for herself but now when she looks back, it leaves a proud smile on her face.

She remembers the day when he came into her life, how he changed everything in her life. She now loved him more than herself, more than anyone she has ever loved.

She loves the way his smile turns her mood, how a small hug from him makes her day, how a peck on her cheeks makes her feel special, how one word “Maa” makes her feel loved, and that too in a way she has always wanted.

She leans in forward to kiss her one-year-old baby boy. She now knew the meaning of unconditional love.

-Unnati Madan

This story covers 2 important factors:
1. The impotence of Domestic Violence.
2. The power of Single Mother.
And through this story, I would like to salute both women,
who have gone through domestic violence
and have taken a stand for themselves and
single mothers, who are raising their kids on their own.

Love can only change humans and not monsters.
Unconditional  Love doesn’t involve physical pain through these sources, hitting, and marital rapes. If this sort of thing is happening with you, it is called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. And you should take a stand for yourself.

Good Or Bad or V.Bad, please provide feedback. 🙂 Share your views on this in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Unconditional Love…?

  1. Love is innocence. She did not expect anything from him other than that the feeling of innocence she had it about him. The child is the luckiest person on the earth. He got such a strong mom. Now all her innocent love will be showered on the child, I am sure that her love surely transform him/her to be a gentlemen like a innocent father or a strong women pretty much like her because the parents are the originators for Good/Bad in kids.

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