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Just A Reminder!

Hey, you
Yes, you!

The one reading this.

I don’t know who you are,

Or what you look like,

But I have a message for you.
Take some time out of your busy life

Spend some time with your parents
Hug them often,

Take them out for dinner,

Take them out for holidays,

Watch movies with them,

Gift them presents,

Plan surprises for them,

Cook for them,

Party with them,

Discuss your problems with them,

Tell them what’s going on in your life,

(They get worried for you).

your happiness,

Your sadness,

Your goals,

Your fears,

Your success,

Your failures,

With them.
Tell them how much you love them,

I know it’s tough to express,

And they will never ask you for this,

But trust me they deserve this,

They deserve all the other things as well,

Don’t ever let yourself forget,

In this race of chasing dreams,

That you are one of their dreams,

For which they kept all their dreams aside

To work on this dream, you!

To provide you with everything,

All their struggles,

All their hard work,

was just to give you a better life that they never had,

Never let yourself turn into a nightmare for them.
Go, Do that,

Trust me, you will feel good.

Trust me, they will feel wonderful.
Trust me,

Things will never be like this,

They will be gone someday,

And if you don’t express your love now,

You will be only left with regrets.
Trust me,

It hurts.

To know that you will never be able to tell your mother or father or both how much you love them,

How much you miss them,

The only thing you’ll then wish to do, is to go back in time and do all those things that I mentioned above.
Trust me,

It hurts,

To know that the only person that wanted you to be successful Isn’t around to witness it.

To know that the only person you wanted to share your happiness, your sadness with isn’t around.

It leaves a void, that can never ever be filled, or replaced.
Trust me,

It hurts.
-Unnati Madan.

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