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loosing herself….

No, She was not fine,

may be,

she can never be fine again.

Every night,

when the world sleeps,

she buries her face,

in her pillow,

and think,

and re-think,

about things,

about, what went wrong..

about, what can be done..

about, what all she lost..

about, what all she had..



she was loosing herself in, the process of,

thinking and re-thinking.
Every night,

when the world sleep,

she rebuilds herself,

from the ashes,

of the cold words

of the people around,

of the cold stares they pass,

of the cold cold judgements

they make,



she was loosing herself,

in the process of

arranging the broken,

pieces of her heart together,

again and again.

Yeah, she is not fine,

may be vulnerable

than ever,

but the world will never know,

that she was loosing herself,

that she was drowning,

in the process of

loving others and

hating herself.

-Unnati Madan

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