Short Stories 💟

Unlike the rest of the world!!

“when was the last time you met him” the woman sitting Infront of her asked.
“Today” she answered her.
“Where? What did he say?” The woman asked.
“Nothing, he doesn’t speak much” she said, “but he listens, everything that I say without complaining, and understands me, what I am going through unlike the rest of the world” she added looking straight into the woman’s eye.
“How often do you see him?” The woman asked.
“Every night, and sometimes in the day also, when I am alone and sad or when I need him” she said.
” Why are you sad? And what are you going through?” The woman asked.
“Um..”she thought, “there are many reasons and not just one” she said.
“Alright, tell me a few of them. You can tell me.” The woman said.
“Because no one loves me….no one….not even my family, they think I am crazy….my classmates say bad things about me, and sometimes on my face also….and when”she stops as tears starts flowing down her cheeks.
“And?” The woman asked, holding her hand in hers.
“And those nightmares never let me sleep. That man’s face haunts me, Everytime I close my eyes, I see him Infront of me”she said breathing faster.
“That man? Who? Tell me what else do you see in your nightmares?” The woman asked.
” My uncle’s face ” she answered.
“Why?” The woman asked.
“Because he was a monster, he..he raped me” she couldn’t hold back anymore and starts crying.
“I was 12ve when that monster started touching me everywhere he wanted to, when I used to be alone. He used to abuse Me and say bad things about me, when I objected or tried to stop him, one day when I was alone, he took me to his room and made me lay on his bed and…” She said crying her heart out.
” Here, drink this” the woman said offering her the glass of water.
“Why didn’t you tell anyone then?” The woman asked.
“I tried to, many times but he used to hit me and use to blackmail me by saying he will kill my little brother if I say anything to anyone, and no one ever believed me, they thought I am making stories” she said wiping her tears.
“So no one knew about this? No  one tried to help you?” The woman asked.
“No, Rohan did. He believed me. He trusted me, he knew I wasn’t lying, he knew I wasn’t making up stories, he knew what I was going through and He never left me alone once he got to know what  that monster used does to me ,when he finds me alone” she said 
” So where he is now? Where is Rohan?” The woman asked.
“My mom says he along with his dad died in a car accident” she answered 
“Oh” the woman said.
“But..” she said looking at the seat next to her smiling.
” But?” The woman asked.
“But I told you, he never left me alone since then, I see him everyday, I talk to him whenever I want to and he never complains…. he only listens. He is still the same just like the old times… not changed a bit…but everyone thinks I am imagining him ” she explained.
“But he is here with me, like he promised, that he will always be staying by my side forever, he will never leave me alone, and will always listen and understand me…..unlike the rest of the world” she said smiling, looking at the seat next to her. 

-Unnati Madan


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