Short Stories 💟

The past and the present….

Sitting next to him In his car ,parked near their favorite tea stall, she saw his face glowing from the sunlight coming from the window, how happy he looked, his dimples were adding more to his charm and were distracting her the most.
He was telling about how well his day went, and how excited he was to meet her and give her the good news.
“Good news? Tell me what good news, what happened?” She asked.
“I got the job, I got my dream job baby, can you imagine!” He said.
“Omg! Wow! Congratulations! This is so huge, woah” she said hugging him.
“I know, I am so happy” he said tightening his grip.
“I am so happy for you, and so proud of you” she said.
Realizing she’s in his arms, her cheeks turns red, she tries to get out of his hold, and moves back to her seat.
“I wanted to tell this news to you before anyone else” he added.
“We have waited so long for this, and when it’s here, I am scared that” he said , interrupted as she places her hands on his lips.
“Nothing can go wrong now, just think good and good things will follow” she said.
He kisses her fingertips, making her go red again. He takes her hand and put it behind his back, as he moves closer to her. 
Her heartbeats racing as she felt him so close to him, she could feel him breathing.His right hand on her left cheek, his thumb continuously moving on her cheek.
He closes his eyes to kiss her, to touch her lips with his but then, suddenly fear striked her again, she was scared again, her past was infront of her again. This wasn’t the first time he came this close, this wasn’t the first time she felt sick. She moved her head, making him open his eyes and see the reality.
He moved back to his seat as soon as he realized how uncomfortable she was. He felt bad for her, and stupid of himself for behaving so selfishly. 
“I’m sorry for disappointing you again” she said placing her hands on his.
“It wasn’t your fault relax, I just got carried away, I couldn’t stop” he said feeling embarrassed.
” but you couldn’t kiss as well, aww ” she teased him, making him feel better.
“Shut up, it’s ok , I don’t want to kiss you or touch you unless you are ready for it” he said turning the car on.
” And what if I don’t ever let you kiss me or touch me? ” she asked.
” I will not kiss you ever then, I will die waiting for your kiss” he said dramatically.
“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I am not able to, the memories of him haunts me daily” she said.
“You don’t have to explain, I understand” he said.
A few moments later he was normal again. His fingers played with her hair, She wondered how can someone  be this beautiful from inside. How can anyone love this unconditionally and then she saw marks on her left hand, the scars she gifted herself, a deep cut on her wrist, for loving a wrong person in the past, for trusting him so much.
She wondered how different her past was from the man sitting next to him, how he can wait forever to kiss her and how her past forced himself on her, slapped her , abused her and ripped her soul into pieces. 
She looked at him, his smiling face and felt so blessed and lucky to have him in her life. She felt safe. Her eyes were filled with tears by now.
” yeah, here we go. We have reached madam. Text me when you reach home, okay” he said patting her cheeks.
She nods, and then opens the door to leave.
“Bye” he said.
And then she turns back and kisses him.
“I love you” she said , leaving him surprised.

-Unnati Madan


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