Short Stories 💟

Happy Mother’s Day.



“Hurry up Bhai, move your hands faster” she said, while setting up the table.


” Relax, it’s almost done” he said, putting the cake on the table carefully.


” Few minutes left, hurry up,  clean this mess faster and why are these balloons still laying here, I told you to hang them there and where are the candles” she continued talking almost like shouting, while cleaning up the room , checking everything.


” Calm down di, here sit down, it’s just us , you are behaving as if you have invited the whole town and stop scaring the shit out of me now” he said jokingly patting her hands.


” Hmm ” she said taking a long breath.


” Now let’s finish the work,  just 7 minutes left to 12o’clock” he said.


” Yeah …you clean the mess, I am lighting up the candles”she said


” Alright” he said while taking the broom.


A few minutes later she was finally satisfied with the room.


” Good job baby bro ” she said patting his brother’s back.


“I know” he agreed, the room looked nothing like a few minutes before.


“Okay lights off, I am going to their room, don’t spoil anything “she said while Making her way towards the stairs.



“Ohk last stair it is, careful” she said while giving instructions.


And suddenly the lights lit up the room.


” Happy Mother’s Day Daddy” they both screamed as they jumped .


Her dad, surprised was watching his kids with tears in his eyes, he looked at the decorated room,  It was looking exactly the way it used to look on their birthdays back then, everything was exactly the same way like he used to do.


“Happy mother’s day” she said as she hugged her dad , her brother too joined the hug.


“Are you crying dad?” She asked.


” No it’s just happiness overflowing” he said wiping his tears off. “But I am not your mother” he said.


“Of course you are our dad but you have been our mother too, from the day she passed away to present, you have played both the roles” she said.



“You have taken care of each and everything, you have protected us like a father and loved us like a mother, you have made us strong but you have also cried whenever we had fallen down.  And not just mother and father, you have been our best friend, our teacher, out guide everything dad. You are everything to us.” She added.


“I agree. So come on and cut the cake,” her brother said bringing him to the table.


“Here, knife” her brother said passing the knife to his dad.


“Come on dad” he said.


“Thank you kids, you guys have grown up so early, your mother would have been so happy today” her father said , with teary eyes as he cuts the cake.


Later that Night, while going back to her bed, she found a gift and a letter under her pillow, which read :


” Happy mother’s day sister. I have never said this to you but I really mean this. I don’t know what our mother was like, how her touch felt, how food  cooked by her tasted, how her lullabies were, I have always seen her through you eyes. I was way too small to remember her when she passed away, but you never made feel the big void in my life. For me you are my mother di, the way you have taken care of me, the way you have held my hand throughout, you have taught me to walk, talk and everything, your lullabies were my favourite music back then, you only cooked my favourite food, I remember. What I am today, is all just because of you. I have bought something for you, the ring, you remember you liked so much but didn’t bought to save Money for my watch, yes, I bought that for you from my first stipend, I hope you like it. I love you maa❤

Love your brother.”


Tears kept flowing down her eyes, she opens the gift “I have not failed maa”escaped her mouth as she went sleeping hugging the letter.


-Unnati Madan.


Feel free to criticize, advice Se, all sorts od feedbacks are appreciated .


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