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Sitting on the first bench, his eyes glued on the door, he was waiting anxiously for her to come.
It’s been three long years, in those three years he never took any leave, he never missed or bunked any lecture. Not that he was studious or something but he was in love. He would never miss any chance to take a glimpse of her beautiful face, to watch her talk or smile or making faces , his eyes always sticked to her. 
He still remembers the first day when he saw her for the first time, he fell for her right at that moment. He was so nervous when she asked his name, he could feel his heart beating so fast. When she smiled for the first time because of him, and then there was no turning back.

One smile from her or a word used to make his day. All his tensions and problems used to vanish away. She was there in his dreams too.Everyone in the class was aware of his love for her, even his friends used to call him ” Romeo “. Every page of his books has her name scribbled on it. 

He was living in cloud nine until today.Today was the last day of school, there was no excitement left in him for the new life that was about to begin, instead he was heartbroken that he will never get to see her again.
He wanted to go back in time, or stop the time right there. He wanted to talk to her, tell her everything he feel for her, tell her how important she is to him, how one smile from her changes his whole mood but he knew that wasn’t possible. He knew that this will be the last time he will see her beautiful face,  see her talkin He knew everything will be changed after today.
His heart felt heavy, like someone has punched him hard from within. It was like he will break into tears any moment but just then she opened the door of the class.

Dressed in the same pink Saree that she wore on her first day as his accountancy teacher.
The smile was back on his face as he saw her first crush looking more beautiful than ever.❤
-Unnati Madan

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