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“because of you”

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14th March 2016.

5:45 P.M



“Hurry Up! We are getting late” he shouted from the living room.


” Yeah just 2 minutes more” she said as she applied a thick line of red on her forehead and a little more foundation and concealer on her cheeks.


“Will you please hurry up” he shouted again.


” Yes I am coming ” she checked herself again in the mirror before she went to him, she was still not satisfied with the make up.


6:15 P.M


Sitting next to him in the car, she was nervous. She felt empty. She wanted to go back in time and undo all that what happened months ago.


Months ago when her parents choose him for her. She remember she was so happy for her marriage. She still can’t figure out what and where everything went wrong, with him , with their relationship.


After months of requesting and pleading Infront of him, he finally agreed to let her visit and meet her family members. She was so happy yet so nervous and scared, what if her parents get to know about their relationship? , What if they saw her scars she is trying to hide?, What if they recognize the terror in her voice? …


7:00 P.M


The car stopped as they reached their destination, making her come out of her thoughts.


16th March 2016.

8:00 P.M


” Are you hiding something from us? , Is everything okay between you both? ” Her parents asked her as soon as they noticed the change in their daughter’s behavior.



” Yes, everything is fine and why would I hide anything from you both?” She lied.


“Stop lying, look what have you done to yourself, look at your condition, how weak you have become. ” Her mother asked as tears kept flowing through her eyes. “Isn’t he treating you well? Are you happy with him? Tell me” She adds holding her hands.


“No, everything is fine , yes I am happy, trust me maa” she said trying hard to control her tears and emotions from flowing.


” Omg, did he hurt you? ” Her mother asked as soon as she saw the mark on her neck.


“Umm..It’s nothing” she said trying to hide her neck with the dupatta.


“Tell me beta, if anything wrong  is going around with you, I will take care of him , just tell us the truth” her father asked sitting. Infront of her meeting her eyes.



” Beta you have to choose the right path, you are the only one who can help yourself right now, speak up come on! Why are you not telling us” Her mother said.


“Because you never did that, you never told anyone  what you went through maa” she explains.


“What are you talking about?” Her father asked.


“Did you choose the right path maa? ,Did you spoke up for yourself in the past?, ever took stand for yourself ? Did you helped yourself ? From all the wrong things that happened with you? From him?” She said pointing towards her father, letting her tears to flow.


Removing her dupatta and jewellery, letting her parents see the marks, the scars that monster has left on her body.


“And what wrong are you talking about dad? This is what you used to do with mom ” she says meeting his eyes.


” How are you feeling now dad ? See, how happy I am, just like how mom used to be , when you used to beat her up, when you used to take out all your frustration on her, when you used to force yourself on her. I have seen that dad, I have seen her crying , and dying in pain for you every day. But you never cared and she let all that happen to her” she said wiping her tears.


“Why are you feeling so bad today dad? Because I am your daughter and she is not. Just because she is Your wife, you

did all that to her, so why are you now feeling so bad when your own daughter is suffering from the same pain, it’s all because of you maa, I thought just like dad he will become a better person one day, it’s all because of you” she said crying her heart out.


The ‘man’, her father now realized what his wife might have gone through in the past. He could know feel her sufferings, her pain.



18th March 2016

10:00 A.M


She filled for the divorce.


-Unnati Madan.




 P.s : This was my second take on sexual violence (some) women face at home. Let me know if you like the story. Feel free to criticize, advice in the comments section.


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