My Blog Turns 1 Today

Hello Everyone, it’s my blog’s first birthday. Yes, Stories From My Diary turns 1 today.

I feel so happy, excited, proud and nostalgic all at once. I had never ever thought that I will do something like this (writing stories & stuff & sharing them with the world). I mean, being a highly introverted person, that I am this is something very huge to be proud of!
Last year, I randomly started a blog, I had never planned to be a blogger or a writer. I used to write stories and stuff for myself, and I was so scared of sharing them with anyone until one day my best friend read one of my stories and insisted me to post it online. I refused at first but then gave it a thought. And this is how this blog started.
When I first pressed the “publish” button, I remember I was so nervous and scared that , if it is good enough or not ? ,Will people like it or not? , What if someone not like it and says something bad about it?…… there were so many doubts running around in my head.

I used to check the notifications and stats every half and hour.😂😂
And soon this blog became such an important part of me. People started living my stories, I started receiving texts , mails and comments that they all are loving my work. I never expected even one.
And some of them even said that I have “inspired” them through the post about women, where they fight and take stand. And trust me I used to feel so good ❤
Stories From My Diary is now a family of 610 people (followers) and I am so happy that you guys choose to follow my blog. I Promise I won’t disappoint you at all and will continue Posting stories and stuff for you.  You guys are always welcomed to advise and criticise my work. Feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you everyone who has helped me , motivated me, inspired me, criticized me through out this journey. Thank you!!

Say, happy birthday to my blog.!!!

-Unnati Madan


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