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Happy Women’s Day

So , the day has come AGAIN.  ” Happy women’s day to every women in my life “, we’ll post again on our timelines AGAIN.  Debates will be done on girl power, equality, women’s rights, women empowerment and blah blah AGAIN. Gifts, cakes, flowers, chocolates will be showered on her AGAIN. Every women will be made to feel special this day AGAIN. And then ? Everything will come to Normal AGAIN. The same people who are “showing” today that they respect women, they believe in equality, girl power will stare at you, pass comments as you cross them, judge you for wearing short clothes, for having sex, for enjoying late night parties, for having male friends, for smoking, for drinking, for every god damn thing, AGAIN !!
Don’t judge, Respect women, not just today but everyday !

And yeah Happy Women’s Day👸

             -Unnati Madan


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