Versatile Blogger Award!

Okay, first of all thanks for nominating me, as the Versatile Blogger. It means a lot.Thank you! Darshu

So, the rules are :

  you have to Thank the Person who Nominated you for this Award.

 Nominate a few “Bloggers” of your Choice 

★ Informing them about their Nomination.

★ Sharing 7 Facts about Yourself.

As I have already done it so many times, I don’t have many facts left. I will try not to repeat. 😂

1. Hi My Name Is Unnati Madan. (For those who don’t know me, I write fictional short stories and poems and stuff)❤

2. Apart from writing (or scribbling), I love reading books.I have been book-blogging and writing reviews for the books I have read on my personal Instagram account 😘

3. I hate rats, I just hate them😢

4. I love pizzas ❤

5. I love wearing Indian Sarees, I am in love with them. It’s the best attire❤

6. Ranbir Kapoor is my favorite actor and my first love ever also😂😂

7. I have written almost like 50-60 facts about myself on WordPress, because of these awards. 😂😂

Now it’s your turn, I would love to nominate you all and not only a few, If you are reading this post , consider yourself nominated. 😘


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