Short Stories 💟

“You are beautiful…”

©stories from my diary

She glanced at the guy sitting Infront of her. Decently dressed, clean shaved, she was trying hard not to stare at him.

” You look beautiful” he said finally breaking the ice, making her come out of her thoughts.

“Um… Thanks ” she said.
” So ever been in a relationship before ? Or umm .. dated anyone ? ” He asked her sipping his coffee.
“Yeah, I have ….. But that was long before…it was not really a relationship, lasted for one week only” she said , her fingers continuously moving on  the cup of coffee.
“Alright, so never again after that ?” He asked looking straight into my eyes.
“Umm..Yeah, never after that” she said. “Not that I never wanted to but it never clicked you know, I never felt that connected to any one like that ” she explains.
He nods.
“So, what is your story ? Ever been in love before? ” she asked.
” Never. I have dated a few girls before but never been in love” He said.
“Oh, we finally have something in common … Haha ” she said jokingly.
He laughs.
“Can I ask you something ? ” she asks him.
“Yes , of course ” he says.
But then words failed to come out of her mouth , confused whether she should start this or not.
” It’s Ohkay, ask whatever you want ” he said with a smile making her more comfortable.
” When you told me that I looked ‘ beautiful ‘ , do you really think that way or you were just being nice ” she asked not looking at him. 
” Obviously I do, and you are ‘beautiful’ , why would anyone think that you are not  ” he said 
” I don’t know, the society thinks that way. But it’s Ohkay I accept the fact that I am not as fair and as lovely as you might have expected your future wife to be, plus I am a bit overweight too,  Why did you said yes for ‘US’ ? ” she asks.
” Just Chuck what the society and the people thinks, for me you are beautiful and you are perfect. And I said yes because I wanted to. ” He explains as he holds her hand , for the first time.
” Size , and color has nothing to do with the true beauty your heart reflects.  The first time I saw you, there was something that was pulling me towards you. Some vibe , some energy in the air , so strong which I have never felt with anyone I have met or dated before.” He adds looking at her.
She nods, looking at their hands.
” So you want to have another cup of coffee ? ” He asks.

                   -Unnati Madan.


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