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Pinky Promise ?

” But why can’t you come back here , don’t you miss us? ” His mother said as she wept slowly on the other side of the call.
” Of course, I do maa. I miss you guys the most. But I can’t come back there. After all that happened, I don’t want to come back” he try to explain her but it seemed she was not ready to listen anything.
* A few weeks later *
Outside the airport, he closes his eyes for a second before the cab start to make its way towards home.

‘It will be okay, you just need to relax’ he told himself as he closes his eyes again.
He wakes up because of the honking and all the noises coming from outside. He looks out of the window, busy roads, traffic jams ‘welcome to Delhi ‘ he said to himself regretting his decision of coming back.
After a few minutes, the traffic clears off and the cab start to move again.
He was checking his gmail when the cab driver increased the volume of the radio. It played his favorite song, their song. YES, it was the same song, their love song.

He peeps out of the window as nostalgia hits him hard. It was the same day when they met for the first time. It’s been 10 years since then.
This place was making him weak again. This is the place where they met for the first time, where they became best of the friends, where they fell in love with each other and got married. This is the place which took her away from him, where she died in the car accident.
Everything appeared same, the air, traffic, busy roads, busy people, the hush and rush but she was gone.There was something in this place, the air was filled with her memories. The memories that he left behind years ago.
He was missing her, her voice, the way she used to look at him, how she used to blush everytime he said ” I love you” , but now she was gone and what remains are her memories.
The cabs stops outside his house. He steps outside the cab and knocks at the door.
She opens the door for him. His eyes teary by now. He looks carefully, same brown eyes , filled with anger staring back at him. He moves further to hug her.
“No I am not talking with you, you always leave me alone here” she said turning her face to other side.
“I am sorry, I won’t leave you alone again. I promise” he said crying.
“Pinky promise?” She asks.
“Yes pinky promise!” He said as he hugs her daughter tightly.

-Unnati Madan.

Pic courtesy: Google

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