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The Chance !

Your Story, My Words❤


©stories from my diary

Born in a conservative family, where the girls were not even allowed to talk with boys, she dared to love. 
She was not the ‘girl next door types’ , she was a rare kind, you will hardly find someone like her. She was beautiful, she was focused, confident, and pure.
She was the brightest student, topper of the school, he was an average student. She was focused, he had all the attention. She was calm and composed,  he was the jolly and mischievous. Inspite of having nothing in common, love happened.
No dating, No phone calls, they would even hardly meet, but love happened . They used to exchange messages with the help of friends.
Soon, the search for a ‘perfect groom ‘ begun at her home. Scared of losing him, she explained everything to her family. And what happened next was almost the same what happens in the movies.
Action, drama and more drama, from the overdramatic relatives. But neither did she protested, nor disrespected anyone. All she asked for was a chance, so as to make him meet her family. A chance for their love, for them. She didn’t quit.
After a lot more drama, like it happens in movies, the family agreed and he won everyone’s heart.
They got their chance, they got married and are now married since 15 years and are proud parents of 2.❤

                -Unnati Madan



P.S : Valentine’s Special❤

Your Story, My Words❤




P.P.S : due to some reasons, I had to remove story no. 9. 


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