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The wait!

Your Story, My Words❤

©stories from my diary

They were not the best of the friends, who can die for each other. They were among those who will kill each other fighting.
She always had some feelings for him deep down inside her, but she kept on ignoring those feelings and he kept on ignoring her until one day he finally realized  that she really cared for him.
They faught everywhere and Everytime they met. And then came a time when he revealed that he was going back to his army training.
” For how long ? ” She had asked.
” I don’t know ” he had answered.
He was leaving and all she wanted was to stop him anyhow. At that Moment she realized how important he had become and how deeply she was in love with him. At that moment she wanted to hug him and tell him what her feelings are.
She decided to wait, and she waited alot. And when he came back, she wasted no time. She proposed him, she asked him out and told him about her feelings and he said YES❤

It was the distance, the wait which brought them together again❤

-Unnati Madan

P.s : Your Story, My Words❤



Still waiting? Send in your details , if you think your story is special and worth telling the world and I will write a story for you and will also feature it on my blog❤


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