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The efforts!

Your Story, My Words❤

©stories from my diary

They were living like strangers, in the initial days of their marriage.
She was the girl who used to believe in love marriages, where a boy and a girl meets and they fell in love. Never ever she had thought that she will be getting married with a person she hardly knew.
Her parents choosed him for her. Soon after they were engaged, they started to meet and talk but they were not in love.
Love, in their Case was a slow process.
The small little things that they both did for each other, made them fell in love. They didn’t even realized how and when they were in love and that too so deeply.
They both can’t live without fighting with each other and can’t live without each other also. They believe it was all in the fights and the efforts that they both made to make this relationship work.
And now she believes , ” Love marriages are good, but arrange marriages have its own kind of flavour and fun.” 
The only outcome of their fight is their 2 year old baby boy❤

             -Unnati Madan

P.S: Valentine’s Special❤

Your Story, My Words.



Accepting entries till 14th feb morning, send in your details kf how you fell in love and I will write a story for you and will also feature it on my blog❤


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