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The hero of her life❤

Your Story, My Words❤

©Stories From My Diary

She was living her life to the fullest, enjoying every bit of it. She had everything, from having a loving family to a huge group of friends to hang out with, from being the most popular girl to having a good reputation everywhere. 
But suddenly everything started to fade. Her friends, they all left her one by one and soon she was left alone. Her family, she started living in her own space alone, she could not tell anyone what she was going through. She would hardly smile or talk to anyone. She started living in her own world. Depression was slowly taking over her mind.

Her past was haunting her day and night. The past which screwd her life, the past that was not letting her live. Everytime she closed her eyes to sleep, she could only see his face of this guy. This guy who was her relative, who used to molest her, abuse her everytime he came to visit her house. It was getting worse.
And then one day, she met him. He came from nowhere and has now become everything to her. But she was too scared back then to even talk to him.
But he never left by her side. He was the one who was standing by her side, when everyone else left. He was the one who supported her everytime she lost her control.  He not only helped her come out of the depression but also took stand for her everytime she needed him.
And this is how she fell in love with him, and now they have completed 5 years of togetherness.

And he is the only hero her heart knows ❤

                            -Unnati Madan

Valentine’s Special❤

Your Story, My Words❤




If you think your story is special and worth telling the world, se d in your story before 14th Feb and I will write a story for you and will also feature it on my blog😊❤

Hurry up❤



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