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From Friends to Lovers

©stories from my diary

It was the first day of her college when she noticed him for the first time. He was her senior.

She used to notice him looking at her, staring from a distance. But he never dared to come and talk with her or tell her about his feelings.

Then one day, she received his friend request on Facebook. They started to talk, they became friends but he never told her about his feelings. He daily use to drop her to her house but never said that how much he was in  love with her until one day, when someone else proposed her.
Insecurity, jealousy hit him hard,  Afraid of loosing her he had decided to express his feelings no matter what. He made sure that the other guy won’t come in between his way or trouble the love of his life.
And soon he expressed his feelings, he told her how much he had loved her since he saw her for the first time. He went on his knees and asked her out. And she said Yes.
They are together since 2 years now and she says no one loves him the way he does❤

                      -Unnati Madan

Your Story, My Words❤



If you think your Story is special, send in the details and I will write a story for you and will also feature it on my blog❤😜


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