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“Hi, Are You There?”

Your Story, My Words❤

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Not able to sleep, he checks his phone again but there was no text from her. He thought about texting her. He starts typing

“Hi , are you there?”  and then erased the text.
He keeps the phone aside and tries to sleep again but he failed.
It had now become a routine for him to stay up till late at night. He was missing all those late night conversation that they both used to have. Everytime they wanted to talk, they would just text each other. Just one text from each other and their moods used to light up.
He cursed the time for creating the distance in between them. He wished everything gets back to normal. He wished they get back to normal, together. And what if they never come back to normal. But what if they never gets back together? , the thought of never being able to talk to her hit him hard.
He picked up his phone and the other moment he had already sent her the text.
“Hi, Are you there?” The text read.
** Phone starts beeping**
One message received, the notification read. He tapped opened the conversation.
“I was just about to text you, how are you ?” The text read. He smiled looking at the text.
And this is how they got back together and now he wish to make it last forever this time❤

-Unnati Madan

Your Story, My Words❤



If you think your Story is special, send in the details and I will write a story for you and will also feature it on my blog❤😜


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