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One-sided love❤

Your Story, My words❤

 He was living in the worst phase of his life, having 4 reappears in his second year of college, exam and family pressure had taken over his mind and if that wasn’t enough his financial condition was getting critical day by day. He was the most vulnerable at that time but who knew that she will come back into his life.

 The girl he was having this huge crush since the first day his college life started. He remembers she was the only reason he use to go to college for. He never liked attending those boring lectures or taking German language classes, but how could he miss the chance to just sit next to her. He recollects how she used to be nervous all the time, crying at every other minute, he used to be the one wiping her tears off before they fell. He made sure there was always a smile sticked to her face but then he left the college, left his story thinking it was just a crush.
And now she was back, nostalgia hit him hard as soon as he saw her text. 

“Hi” the text said.

“I love you, I have always loved you” he texted back. With so many texts along with it, explaining. He wasted no time telling her about his feelings. How he fell for her, telling her about every minute detail about his feelings.

Scared of hurting his feelings, she accepted his proposal and then they started to date. 

His story started on 5th of September and ended on 7th of September.

They broked up. 
He still thinks that those 2 days were the best days of his life.
Those cute conversations, the way she used to blush, the way she used to talk making those gestures. Whenever her name pops up in his head, the only things that comes into his mind are the memories of those 2 days. 
They are the bestest friends now and he still loves her.❤

                  -Unnati Madan

Valentine’s special

Your story , my words 


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