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Your Story, My Words❤

‘Dress- check, make-up – check, hair- check… ‘ keeping a check on everything she was checking herself in the mirror for the 5th time. She has never been this nervous in her life. It was the first time that they were meeting since they came into this relationship.
Waiting at the decided metro station since half and hour, she was getting all nervous and excited at the same time. She started moving, she remembered how she used to be staring at him all the time back in school, but never dared to even talk to him , about her feelings. How even when she handed over the farewell flowers to him, she didn’t  let him know anything about hr feelings for him. And then school got over , they went ahead in their lives but he came back after years and she was in love with him all over again. 

She remembers how much she had cried that night when he had proposed her. 
Her phone starts ringing, it was him. She could hear her heartbeats. 
“Hello” she said as she answered the call.
” I am here , where are you ? “He asked looking for her here and there.
“Tell me ? ” He asked again.
” I am right behind you ” she answered.
“Hey” he said as he hugged her.
While hugging at that moment she realized he was the one she could spend her whole life with , she closed her eyes feeling his raised heartbeats meeting hers.

                          -Unnati Madan.


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