Your story, my words❤


Come celebrate this Valentine’s with my blog.


Everyone has a story , and every story is special. If you think your story is special and worth telling the world , send in your story and get a chance to get your story feature on my blog. (It Can Be Anything, Any Incident Or Your Feelings Or Anything You Want ), I Will Write A Story For You.

Your story , my words.


Come on hurry up, send in the details and stories you want me to write. Receiving entries till 14th Feb. Hurry up , spread the love❤.


Connect with me through insta / fb / or through email. Waiting❤

-Unnati Madan

9 thoughts on “Your story, my words❤

  1. Late night in the middle of sleep some strange feeling of notifying from my mobile. When I checked it, it was quite normal.. When I put it aside and lean back, suddenly she used to ping in the same random way “Are you there?” for some other reason or I used to ping her and she felt the same.. It was quite normal long back but recently after a long gap between us.. when I brought all my courage to call her and break the ice we had in between, her first response is the “Instinct”/”Coincidence” – She got an the same thought to ping and felt the same.. Maybe some emotions vary due to the gap but that freezing moments are like Bollywood endings.. I wish I could make that day like “Save the date” 😂🤗

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