Short Stories 💟

“I wish you were here…”

oh  shit ! I am late again. She will kill me this time” he said to himself as he hurriedly got up from the bed and went straight into the bathroom.
He checks the time again as he washes his face. “I am so dead today ” he tells himself as he wipes his face with the towel. He quickly Combs his hair and gets into his favorite t-shirt. He checks himself again in the mirror as he comes out of the bathroom and rushes to meet her.
You are late again ” she shouted as soon as she saw him.
I am waiting here for like 45 minutes and what excuse do you have now ? , You know I shouldn’t have wasted my time here , I should be out at this time , enjoying and, dancing and celebrating New year’s eve but no here I am waiting for you to come  ” she added.
I am sorry , I was working on this project and I don’t know how it skipped my mind ,am sorry “ he says calmly.
” Skipped your mind ? How can it bloody skip your mind , I was waiting since morning to talk with you , to spend some time with you” she said.
” listen I am sorry na, it will never happen again , I promise ” he says making a cute puppy face.
” It’s ohkay“she says . “But what if it happens again ??” She asks raising her eye brows.
” umm… then I’ll do whatever you want ” he says.
Ohkay done ” she says excitedly.
You look beautiful “he says, as he noticed her wearing his shirt.
You look good too although I hate this t-shirt , why don’t you just throw it away ” she says.
Arey, its my favorite t-shirt , and we were talking about you and not me , so how was your day today ?” He asks.
It was good , but I missed you so much today. We had so much fun last year , from shopping to partying , so much fun we had. And how we ended up in each other’s arms drunk” she says as she keeps on rolling the trail of hair on her finger.
I know , I missed you too but now I am here with you, we can have fun , its not that late ” he says.
She nods , trying not to look in his eyes.
Now just don’t be sad ” he says as he checks his watch “it’s already 11:55 now , come on let’s just welcome the new year with a smile” he says excitedly.
She smiles as tears hit her eyes , and her heart starts to sink.
” why are you crying? I am here with you , we can do whatever you want, we will eat together, get drunk together” he says in a low voice. “But Just Stop crying” he adds touching her face, his fingers touching the laptop screen
 I need you ” she says as tears kept flowing from her eyes. “I want you to be here with me , not that far away ,I want to hug you right at this moment and tell you how much it hurts to stay away from you , how this distance is killing me, how badly I miss you every passing moment ” she adds.
He listens as she kept on crying. Watching her cry like a kid ,was killing him and the worst thing was he can’t even wipe her tears off.
“I miss you , I miss sleeping next to you ,I miss your hugs , I miss your touch I miss each and every moment spent with you “she adds
I miss all that too but stop crying , you know it breaks my heart , don’t cry ” he says.
I want everything to be okay ,the way it was when we got married  ,  the way it used to be before you sent me here , for this job. It’s been a damn year, since we met” She says wiping her tears off.
This job was everything that you dreamed about. Everything will be okay soon , I promise , this distance will end very soon and you will be in my arms again , just a few weeks more and everything will be back to normal” he said as he looked her in the eyes.
Tears still flowing from her eyes, 
I love you” she said.
He leans forward and kisses her , his lips touching his laptop screen .
“Happy New Year love ” he said.
And then they kept on talking with each other, till they fall asleep, making the distance fail to break them apart.
                   -Unnati Madan
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14 thoughts on ““I wish you were here…”

  1. I found you through the community pool, but I’m not wading through all those posts, again. So here it is…This hit way too close to home. I’m living in Kosovo, right now, and my wife is in Nanjing, China. In about a week, I fly back to China to be with her. It has been a long five months away from her. I like the way you didn’t name them, so they can be anybody. Incidentally, my wife and I spent New Year’s Eve in much the same way. Great story! Very poignant.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. Poignant, yet beautiful.
    Long distance relationships could be hard, very hard. Though I never had the pleasure, the pleasure of at least being in a relationship. But I can understand.
    Well written.

    Liked by 1 person

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