Hello !!

Hey , hello everyone. I am back with just another interactive post , I Hope you all are doing good.

So , earlier this month I added a new category , ‘Quotes and Musings ‘ and I am already receiving so many positive feedback from you all.

I have been book blogging on my personal Instagram account , If you love reading books , do visit me on my instagram

As Christmas is just by the corner , I’ll be posting stories and tiny tales and poems related to the same. I hope you all will like them as you have appreciated my previous work.

If you want to share your story on my blog , you are more than welcome . For collaborations and for guest blogging , you can contact with me either on Facebook , Instagram or you can go to the ‘contact’  page of my site.

I welcome you all , for suggestions , for prompts , for advising and for criticising me. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

For Regular updates of my blog , you can subscribe , follow me on my blog , you can like my Facebook page and even Stories from my diary is now on Instagram also.

Keep blogging , keep writing !

-Unnati Madan.


8 thoughts on “Hello !!

  1. Hi, Unnati. Interactive post is a nice idea to bond with the readers. I love your short stories but have been missing such stuff this month. Would like to know when you shall be coming up with a short story? 🙂

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      1. Well, with Christmas round the corner, the obvious topic is Christmas only. And you are coming up with something on that; as you mentioned in your post. But, I would like to hear something on the place called Delhi. 🙂

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