Short Stories 💟

Is that yours?

She had just finished her cup of coffee , when she saw him enter the cafe holding hands of another girl. She felt shiver ran down her spine , like something broked down inside her. She tried to not look at them ,but  she couldn’t keep her eyes off.
She remembers how this cafe used to be their favorite place to hang around. How they have shared every bit of their hearts sitting in that cafe. She still remembers how he has asked her out, how he has proposed her , he was so nervous and shy at that time. 
And then from coffees to movies , breakfasts to dinners ,from prom to Christmas parties,from shopping to cozzing in her bed , she had always looked for him. She never needed any friend or someone else. He was always enough for her.
Their first kiss, she remembers it was so awkward and weird for her and how he made fun of her and then made her smile with his weird acts.
“I will love you forever and ever…our love won’t fade away I promise” he had said , the first time they had made love.
May be , he never meant anything ” she thought, as she read the text he had sent her two days back.
This is it. I am breaking up with you. Don’t ever call or text me again” it read.
Tears rolled down her cheeks , she wiped them off with her handkerchief as she saw them coming towards her . She could see the fear in his eyes , the way he was looking at her.
She picked her bag as she got up to leave , and just then the other girl called her ” hey excuse me

“Is that yours?” she added.
She turned to see the girl , pointing towards the handkerchief placed at the table.
Yes it was , but you keep it , you’ll need it” she said and left.

             –unnati madan

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