Short Stories 💟

Letter to the best friend /bride-to-be❤

A letter to the bestfriend before her wedding.

Dear bestfriend,
 This is so amazing and unbelievable how fast time passed away. I mean it was only yesterday that we were day dreaming about our future and now you are getting married in just a few days. So as  your wedding rituals are about to begin I have started feeling bit old and nostalgic right at this moment ,and also I am reminded of just how important you are to me. How much I love , respect and adore you.
Remember how many times   when any of us would be low , how we actually jumped and bumped at each other’s places just to make sure that the other person has got a shoulder to cry on. 

How we spoilt all those romantic and cool retro songs by our weird acts , I still laugh and cry at the same moment when I watch those videos.

Remember McDonald’s and Dominos used to be our favourite spot ( before you started to diet for your wedding ofcourse) and how we always ended up , you controlling my ugly laugh and me trolling some random person.

How many times while cooking , or while laying under your cozy blankets , munching our favourite snacks we have shared every bit of us. Those late night confessions , those ups and downs that we shared together ,and not only these but also all those uncountable memories that we have made , I will cherish these memories forever.

All these memories are going to stay with us forever , we are going to make so many new memories in future , but with you everything was perfect and magical and bliss.

But the friendship that we share will inevitably change in a few days , and how could it not ? But this doesn’t sadden me. We have waited for so long for this moment to happen. I am so excited to be standing next to you for the moment your future begins and I promise to stand by you not just on this day but for the rest of our lives , you will always have my back. No matter what I will always be there ( like I always have).
I knew my role in your life and you knew yours , to hold each other’s hand until someone was good enough to do that. And when he came into your life , the way you used to talk about him and the way he used to look at you ( when I first met him) , I knew he was the one who will hold your hand forever. My heart was filled with happiness when he proposed you. 
I understand what you must be going through these days , excitement and nervousness must has taken over you. But after much planning, organizing, tears, and screaming, we have made it to the day we both have dreamed about since we were little girls

You will be the most beautiful bride ever , and the most luckiest too !❤
From one of your many bridesmaids!❤😘😍


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