Hello everyone , first of all I apologize for not being active enough like I used to be , but I promise I’ll be back soon ❤


I feel so happy and excited as I write this post. Its been an amazing experience over here. I never ever expected that people will actually like my stories but when I read those lovely comments and texts and mails , I feel so overwhelmed.❤ Thank you for showing so much love 😍 I feel really Special.


Stories from my diary❤ has now 500 followers with 10,380 something views 😍 I know its not that big a number but for someone as introvert as me its huge❤ and oh , its my 100th post


Thank you everyone , who supported me , motivated me and inspired me. Thank you all ❤
P.s : post on monica and chandler coming really soon , I swear this time. ❤😍

                -Unnati Madan.

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