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Love @

But I never asked you about your salary or bank balance , I can earn that myself ” she sent feeling bad , her self-respect was at stake.
No , don’t take me wrong , this was actually the first question every other girl asked me over here , so I thought of clearing everything at first place” he explained.
Its ohkay , but you know it really doesn’t matter to me if my future husband earns less or more , but I want him to be a self – made man , a person who will consider his family before money ” she sent.
Okay , nice to hear that ” he sent impressed by the girl.
So what kind of girl are you looking for ?“she sent.
I am not looking out for so many qualities but she should be the one who can give me a home like feel , I get homesick most of the time. ” he  texted.
She smiled looking at the text. They exchanged numbers later that night for further talks on marriage.
 Something clicked inside them.

She was from Chandigarh, Punjab , he hailed from Delhi. She was frank , he was a bit awkward. She was the life of every function or party , anyone hardly noticed him. But soon everything changed , the world around them had started to spin. Soon their worlds were about to collide with each other. They were meeting for the first time and that too with their families. 

They met and fall for each other’s simplicity. Their hearts knew they have found their other halves.
The marriage was on the cards , it was 6 months later from that evening. 
And this long distance relationship , how are we going to go through it ?” She asked.
I will take care of that don’t worry ” he said smiling.
Oh , and how ?” She asked
nomatter what I will come to meet you regularly once in a week  ” he said winking. “And for the rest of the week we have phones ” he added
… and he did visited her regularly every week no matter what , keeping his promise.
They talked and they shared every little thing with each other whenever they met or talked on phone. Knowing each other’s stories , healing each other’s scars.
And then they got married , to talk till the world comes to its end. ❤
Who said love can never happen over a matrimonial site ?

                         -unnati madan


One night , 

a random text on a matrimonial site , conversation started , 

something clicked , 

numbers exchanged,

The world around them started to spin,

They got engaged ,

Talked and talked and talked ,

Fell for each other ,

Got married

To be with each other till eternity ❤


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