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“I am here , for you “



5 missed calls and 20 unread texts , all from her.
Open the door dammit ” with one eye open, he read the latest one. He quickly rushed to open the door , still sleepy he was.

There she was sitting on the staircase infront of his flat.

Hey ! Hi .. m sorry I was sleeping… my phone was on silent mode.. am sorry I couldn’t ” before he could complete his sentence , she hugged him tightly.

Hey, what happened ? Are you crying ?” He asked caressing her hair , “Tell me ” .

Nothing” she said as she tightened her grip.

He could hear her sob. “What happened baba , tell me ?” He asks rubbing her arm.

** “stop crying i can’t see you like this” his heart begged.**

Okay come here , sit and tell me what happened ” he asks as he makes her sit on the couch.

Looking at her ,crying her heart out was the vision that his heart hated the most.

Tell me ” he said raising his voice this time.

He ditched me ” she blurted ,crying her heart out.

** “bastard he is, asshole”  his heart screamed in anger.**

He sighed , as he rubbed her arm. “And ? ” he asks.

we are over ” she exclaimed wiping the tears. ” He was into some girl since few days , he said that there was nothing but ” she added.

Hmm… What girl ?” He asks.

I don’t know , some Neha she is ” she said rolling her eyes.

Okay , how did you got to know about this girl ? ” he asks.

I got anonymous mails , carrying screenshots of there conversations and  stop asking me questions now , I am already fucked up” she shouted as she hit him on his head.

Okay , okay , relax ” he said holding her hands.

I wish I had listened to u earlier , I wish I had taken your warnings seriously ” she said as tears kept flowing from her eyes.

He remembers how many times he had warned her about him , tried to tell him about his girlfriends and how she used to ignore.

hey , its okay don’t cry over him now , he never deserved you” he said giving her the side hug.

** “I did ” his heart whispered**

I am glad that finally you got to see his real face” he added

I wish he was like you “ she said.

I wish I was as lucky as him “ his heart exclaimed.

Hmm..” He said.

I feel so bad and alone” she said as she hugged him tight.

** “Alone ? I am with you baby , don’t worry “his heart whispered.**

You need to relax , don’t stress yourself so much” he said.

I don’t know what would I do without you , I love u ” she said, her eyes becoming heavier due to crying

**”I wish you did , but I love you ” his heart said blushing **

same here ” he said stroking her hair , as she falls asleep.

He then takes out the phone , and deletes the screenshots and the images , he sent her last night from his fake account.

** “I am always with you , don’t worry ” his heart said .**

Unnati Madan

30 thoughts on ““I am here , for you “

  1. I don’t know what to call the guy. I know he loves the girl but he sound a bit bad too as well. H e should let things happen by themselves not make them happen like that 😦

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  2. Sweet story! Today, in honor of my 29th birthday, I’m picking 29 random blog friends to send some extra special thoughts of love. Come visit my blog and say happy birthday if you wish, and keep spreading the love!

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