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Be happy ?

Its your life son , whatever you choose just be happy ” father said.
Finally Dad allowed her brother to go abroad for higher studies.
Sitting at the corner with her wedding card ,
She wished she were a boy too.

                             – Unnati Madan.

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11 thoughts on “Be happy ?

  1. You express a lot in few words, I love your style, but pardon my being naughty and I want to add.

    If her groom is good person, she can enjoy all goodness of life without having to trouble about career and studies. And also she can study too after a few year when her kids are bit grown up.

    Actually, I don’t like sad endings.

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    1. Of course she can , but not everyone dreams of a good husband , some dream of a good life on there own. Sometimes its not about time , its about dreams and expectations.
      Anyways , thank you for your positive point of view. No one likes sad endings my friend.
      Thank you for appreciation , means a lot 😊❤

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  2. Yeah…. its your story so you choose ending, but my issue was that she is not happy being woman and wants to be a man. That is denouncement of women hood. So she could be strong enough to make the best of what ever destiny provide that will be the epitome of womanhood.

    I loved your story but in your next story you can improve after all we help each other like this. 😊

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    1. Well that was not that denouncement of womanhood….and who said that if a woman wants to work and not get married is denouncement ? Or not strong enough ?…. why always we woman should be strong enough to accept what’s written in our destiny…. we have the power to write our own destiny.

      And this post was in context some stereotypical things , which still exist in some parts of our country , where a girl is pushed for getting married and denied for getting proper education.
      Thank you for commenting and appreciating my work but you really need to change your perceptive towards womanhood

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  3. Damn, I can relate too. This is common in Asian countries too. It just reminded me how many times I wished I were a boy. I am glad now I myself have realized my worth but this piece surely speaks out for a million girls. Loved it.

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