Hey Everyone !!

images-1Hey , Hello Everyone. First of all , I am sorry for not being active enough from past few days , but now I’ll try to be more active than ever.
Secondly , thank you all for constantly supporting my blog by liking and commenting on it. Your appreciation means alot to me.
And Stories From My Diary is a family of 430 now , yep 430 followers ❤ 😍
Hello to my all new followers , Thank you all for following me , I’ll not disappoint you , I promise😊
In case if you have missed any of my recent posts , the following are the links :
Short stories :
Tiny Tales :

👉 Pv sindhu
👉 Rakhi
Guest Blogs :
Oh yep I am friendszoned forever  ❤
Random Thoughts:
Poetry :
And I am a Graduate now ❤😍 just telling !😂
New stories and everything soon. Posts on Monica and Chandler from Friends coming soon ❤😍
Lots of love ,
I am very much active on Instagram these days , posting about the books and their reviews. Do connect with me on Instagram.


For regular updates about the blog connect with me on my fb page .

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