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The letter.  

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Early morning it was, she was laying there on her bed , with all the butterflies dancing in her stomach , she was thinking about  things that are about to be change , that how her life will be changed overnight. Few more hours and all the rituals of the big day will start to take place.
She was excited for the future but was worried about past. Her past friendship with him , that was about to be over because of her getting married . She recollects all her good memories with her best friend , the time spent with him. She feared how she will survive without his friendship , without his friend.
Taking a pen and a paper , she decided to write to her friend for the one last time.
Dear Friend ,

Hi , you know I should be taking beauty naps at this moment but here I am writing this letter to you , for our friendship , for the beautiful moments that we have shared as friends.

As the excitement is increasing for a whole New life , the fear of losing your friendship is also haunting me days and nights now.

I had to choose one among the two , love and friendship. And How can someone say no to love ? Right ? , but I want you to know that now that I have choose love over friendship , I won’t let our friendship die , I won’t let it go , I will never let the friend in me leave by your side.

I can’t ever thank you enough for being my shoulder to cry on or being a patient ear when I need one and foe everything that you have done for me , for all those beautiful moments , for making me laugh so hard that I cry , and also for making me laugh when I want to cry. Thank you for letting our friendship known , there is nothing more than our friendship that I value the most.

I can’t even imagine my life without your friendship , I don’t know how will I survive without your friendship.

Since now our friendship is about to be promoted into a relationship called ” marriage ” , I want our friendship to stay with us forever , to grow with us forever because its your love that makes my life beautiful but its your friendship that makes me a better person.

Your love gave me my fairy-tale, everything that I have wanted but your friendship made me stick to the real world , to be practical. Its your love that keeps me going but its your friendship that gives me support.

And now when there are just few hours left for my marriage , I want you to promise me that you won’t let the friend in you die , the one with whom I fell in love with. You won’t let our friendship fade away with time because even when the lovers in us will fight with each other , the friends in us will take care of each other.

They say it’s love , that you can’t live without , but for me it’s also our friendship that I can’t live without. 

With love ,

Your bride to be.
And then she stopped writing and sealed the envelope writing the name of her love , her groom to be at the top , and went to sleep for few more hours.

Unnati Madan

18 thoughts on “The letter.  

  1. Hey, Unnati! Nice post we got here.
    Also, I wanted to contact you for some help if you would be kind enough. Should I leave the message through contact form? Or do you want me to get in touch with you through some other medium. Either way it works for me. Thank you!

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  2. Hey Unnati,
    Amazing story! It just the started the Bollywood way; a girl has to choose between her love and friendship. And that turn, changed it all.
    Personally, There should be a bond of Friendship in every relationship whether it is of husband-wife or father-son or brother-sister and so forth.

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