Tiny Tales ❤

Respect the flag !

The poor kid cried for the flag ,

the whole day , but couldn’t buy one.

Next day he got thousands of them ,

Laying everywhere on the road.


Unnati Madan 

Respect the flag. Don’t buy one , to throw it away the next day.

Happy Independence Day ❤


23 thoughts on “Respect the flag !

  1. Let me tell you,this is actually powerful and consequential.I hope people realise what out great flag symbolises and what dignity it deserves.Thankyou for sharing this,dear!

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      1. Another Irony, just saw one bike manufacturer ad , they qoute some experiment based on bad roads conditions and said that their bikes are best in those indian roads. Que is why at first place we need bad road???? And roads are bad then manufacturer cash on negative side. Thats biggest paradox. The “baap” of irony.

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