Guest Bloggers 😍

The girl with a broken smile !

(That’s me in the picture )

Hello all , this one is second guest post on my blog. And this time the guest is Rohit Pandey. Guys do visit his blog. He write awesome soul stirring poems.

Stars once brought her smile and grace

Are now a reason for her teary face

Destiny unfolded that chapter in life

Where she is broken and struggling to rise

She still wonders if that moment was true

That made her smile last like dew

The moment she is in, is catastrophe and blue

Life will turn this way, she never knew

Once she played in the aura of moonlight

Danced to the tune and stars shared delight

Life was colorful even in darkest hour of night

Now brightness of day seems dull and quite

Only hope that gives her a peaceful insight

That somewhere she is living a happy life

The one who’s abode is the brightest star

She is her mother, who still resides in her heart!
                 –     Rohit Pandey

P.s : Thank you Rohit for writing this one for me , on me 😊 This one made me smile and cry at the same time. This poem will always hold a special place in my heart.


6 thoughts on “The girl with a broken smile !

  1. Thanks Unnati for considering it worthy enough to be posted. That picture of yours, compliment this poem perfectly. You may keep these words as a gift from a poet to another talented writer. God bless 🙂


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