oh yep ! I am friends zoned forever. ❤ ( Ross )

Ross Geller , the lovable nerd on the show. Although he was bit irritating sometimes , but he surely was the one with purest heart. Throughout the show he taught us some of the hilarious lessons that are going to last a lifetime.
He told us the difference between you’re and your.

He told us that its okay to be weird. And he was loved for being weird in the show plus he will always surprise you by telling weird facts about dinosaurs and geeky jokes every now and then.
Remember  when he over whitened his teeth.   And how he overdid with the spray tan ? …..because he wouldn’t count to five mississiplessly.

download (10).jpg

He gave us one more reason why not to invest in leather pants because you can get stuck in between them while on a date.

And ohh not to forget he has Unagi !
Oh , come on we all loved him for being weird.

He taught us the correct method of doing our laundry.

Remember to pivot when you help your best friend move into their apartment.


He told us that animals can be our best friends forever. Remember Marcel.

Ross: If you’re going to call me names, I would prefer Ross, the Divorce Force. It’s just cooler.

Remember how he loved getting divorces ?

He was such a good brother. Didn’t we loved Monica and Ross fighting , hugging , laughing and doing all those weird thing. How he held her back , how he supported her throughout the show.

And he was a great dad too ! He taught us that ,  “Baby Got Back” will put your newborn child to sleep better than any lullaby ever could. Remember him singing ” I like big butts and you cannot lie … ” to the baby.
His on and off relationship with Rachel was one the best things happened in the show. He was her lobster.


He told us that love can be hard. Its not always easy to love someone. Things get complicated , but at the end if it’s true love , it’s gonna stay.

I can’t thank Ross and his F.R.I.E.N.D.S enough for making me smile. And oh yep ! I am friends zoned forever.

                       – Unnati Madan

34 thoughts on “oh yep ! I am friends zoned forever. ❤ ( Ross )

  1. Even though I have never watched the series (I know my life incomplete. Also, for the Game of Thrones and PokemonGo), the little insight that I get through your posts is just alluring! I absolutely adore it. Keep them coming!

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  2. I love FRIENDS. I watched it when I was still single and I still watch the reruns with my kids even when I have all the season DVD’s. It’s my all time fave show. I have the game board, too.
    I was so sad when they decided to end it. Why!!!??? 😦

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  3. Girl,first of all as soon as I read the title I chose to comment.I live for F.R.I.E.N.D.S..I breathe for it!I am addicted to every part of it.This takes me to my world of happiness.Love friends like crazy..forever!

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      1. Infact,I was thinking of doing the same and I do have a post on my draft section,it’s so magical I must say!I will be surely reading all your related posts.Thank you for sharing.:)

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  4. Hahaha…Unnati your post has made me re-think and maybe like Ross a little too! I absolutely hated him when I first started watching FRIENDS. He was such a doofus and oddball, sure he made me laugh. But it was more like laughing at him than with him. 😛 I guess Ross ain’t so bad afterall, maybe I just didn’t look at him like you did. Thanks for the new perspective, cheers 🙂

    *P.S.* Now I’m gonna go watch the episode where he over whitened his teeth. It was really hilarious! 😛

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  5. I’m smiling – you’ve brought back such good T.V. memories, it was a show where we could see ourselves and others in all the quirky characters, I get the same feeling from watching Canada’s favourite T.V. show for many years now, “The Big Bang Theory”!

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  6. I never really watched it in full…saw some few episodes. But the show is dope and funny! I remember when he got this red car and he got sandwiched between two cars and he couldn’t just move out. The dude tried lifting the car with his friends….how stupid?

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  7. I started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.last week itself. Phoebe and Ross are favorites. Oh boy, who am I kidding. All are my favorites. And yes, you are right about Ross.
    The way he take care of his ex-wife and her baby, attends her wedding. Just amazing.

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