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“Ooops ! Your strap is showing “

I remember myself traveling from metro towards my university. And a guy kept staring at me , I got all nervous and scared at the same time.
And suddenly one of my female friend came near me and whispered “Hey , your strap is showing ” Β , I quickly put that strap on its place back again and I got my answer as to why this man standing in front Β was looking at me like that !
And I am sure many girls and women have faced similar situations , we all are aware of this dialogue .

Hey , your strap is showing “. Aren’t we ?

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You know why our straps comes out every time even when the people around wants us to hide it ? Because we wear it !

So the question that rises every time is why is it such a big thing ? Why should I hide it immediately ? Why it is considered as a taboo in our country ?
Because we shouldn’t behave ” slut-like” in public ? Strap ? Slut ? Like Really ?
Because of the society we live in ? That they will judge us ? They might call us “un-cultured” ? They might give us tags like ” desperate ” and ” needy ” ?

Because men are not taught anything ? Because we are taught to hide it every time it shows up ?

Because there are droolers out there ? Waiting to stare at us ?
Because it might tempt them ? They may rip our clothes apart ?

And oh all the blame game would be on us ! Yet again. !! We will be the one responsible if any sort of wrong thing happens with us.

Do you now see how dangerous a strap can be ?

Well dangerous is the mindset of the people who thinks like that , those who stares at us, those judgee us. The mentality needs to be changed . The mindsets needs to be broadened up a little.
Isn’t it ironic , this is cool !


And this is slutty ?

I am not writing this one because I want everyone to show their straps but because I want to tell that there is no problem if it pops out of our tops we don’t need to be conscious. One should be given enough freedom to choose what we want to wear and how we want to wear it ! One should not be pushed / forced to do something that has ” morality ” scribbled on it.

So chill girls , don’t panic , stop getting conscious. Its just a strap !

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β – Unnati Madan

33 thoughts on ““Ooops ! Your strap is showing “

  1. Completely agree. If a stupid bra strap is showing people and specially women themselves hurry over and tell us to just cover it quickly and the whole situation gets so panicky . Phew. Is it wort d drama? No. Coz all girls wear it and it shows sometimes. Big deal? πŸ˜€

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  2. Never thought strap can bring some philosophical stuff in someone’s mind. What you said is right …but its not about strap but dirty mindset of the people…..not should girls be tought how to save from rapes n what to wear but boys should be tought to respect women. India is all about respecting women.

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      1. The men & women should be equal but in case if I have to discriminate, I would say women are much more superior than us boys. No match to the tolerance she goes by. Hats off to you also Unnati !

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  3. There is still an issue when it comes to gender and us women destined to remain down there with man leding in everything, be it their dress code is horrible or not as women we are still disadvantaged. But it is great to know that even in the midst of that gender mayhem, we strive as woman. It my strap πŸ™‚


  4. Very good points you’ve raised here Unnati! Sadly society is yet to catch up with, thanks to their misplaced sense of morality and the judgemental attitudes don’t help either!

    As for bra straps showing themselves, I think that has troubled many men and women, maybe that’s why they invented the strapless bra! πŸ˜› It’s the silly idea, that exposure leads to temptation and covering up (like the burqa or dupatta) solves the problem.

    Well, I want to know how all those saree and burqa clad women end up getting raped then! They followed the norms and obliged, then how come that didn’t stop the rapists?

    Teach the men to respect women and how to keep their hands to themselves. If a bra strap is showing, teach them not to stare. If a girl is standing next to them, teach them to respect boundaries. If they learn’t all that, the world would be a better place.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard girls and women tell their experiences about being touched inappropriately in a crowded or public place. Yuck. What kind of a man does that? It’s such kind of men that society helps get away with too. Stop shifting the blame on the victims, teach the culprits a lesson. We need more such posts, to make men and women aware, hopefully their kids and the next generation will have less perverts and more civilised respectful men. Cheers on a great post! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey , Thank you so much for such words of wisdom. I wish there were more men like you in this world , it would have been a better place.
      Yes , that was the perspective of writing up this post. The women and even around the world are forced to do many things under the name of morality and culture which they dont want to do but doing that blindly. Like wearing burkha. It should be a choice and not a burden.
      And I agree with what you said. Why always women have to suffer. Why can’t men be taught anything. ?
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts , 😊 cheers to you too

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  5. Pardon me for getting on the post so late since you asked me. I have had hard time catching up with blogging due to various unavoidable and uncontrollable reasons.
    This post right here has the right degree of open-mindedness and sensibility. Yes, a strap showing is not and should not be made a huge issue. Because it is not that piece of clothes that needs to be hidden (that the world is anyway aware of), it is the wrong mentality that needs to be buried deep below with a headstone engraved with RIP – Not to be remembered.
    But, also I believe, in regards with the pictures used, if a female is expected to be properly covered, then the same should go for male. The rules, regulations and the moral values should be in respect of a person; an individual, a human being. No further bifurcation should be done on the basis of gender, caste, creed, etc.
    This issue that you have raised needs to be addressed, discussed and also, needs a result, a positive impact. Really nice piece of work! Keep the work coming!

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  6. Kudos to you for writing about this and it’s high time that women all over the world do not let anybody embarrass them by such remarks.
    Next time somebody says this to me, I will not even bother putting the strap back 😊

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  7. It amazes me that there’ such a thing about bra straps. I mean really? Most of us wear them, and like all items of clothing they can move out of place from time to time. It’s just fabric. What does it matter that it’s the bit of fabric that is helping hold up my boobs? It’s not like that’s the only give away that I’m female.
    Great post.

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  8. This is so true, some people don’t realize that its okay, there are girls who don’t even bother if their strap is visible or not, and even if its showing how does it bother others? I would appreciate if someone comes up to me courteously to convey the message, but then there are people who say it out loud with a sense of disgust – now that is definitely not something that one should cringe about, its natural!

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