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The day …

And then came the day she was waiting for so long. Excited , thrilled she was for the new journey that was about to begin.
She rushed towards her cupboard and took out the best dress she had. She remembered how she always wanted to wear the dress on some big occasion. Nothing can be bigger then this , she thought.
Changing into that dress she looked herself in the mirror. She opened the bun over her head , the hair now loose added more to her beauty. She looked beautiful, she thought.
She opened the jewelry box , and took out the pearl necklace that her mother has gifted her on her 18th birthday. As she was wearing the necklace , she saw marks on her neck. She saw the same on her arms and back. As she touched those marks with her fingers , she could hear herself crying and screaming for mercy. A drop of tear escaped her eye. She covered those marks with the long shrug , that was perfectly going with the dress.
She heard the honking of the car outside her house, she locked the door and sat in the car that had come to receive her. She remembered how on her first date , he had came to receive her in his car. How happy she was on that day.
The car stopped as they reached the destination , her heart was beating faster than ever. She was afraid of the future. She smiled at herself , she had gone through the same feeling earlier also , on her wedding day. She stepped out of the car , killing all the negative thoughts.

As she walked towards the end of the hall , she remembered herself walking down the aisle on her wedding day. There were dreams in her eyes about her future on that day , there are dreams in her eyes even today. She was covered with flowers on that day , she is covered with scars all over her body today. There was a loving husband waiting at the end of aisle on that day , a monster , a criminal was waiting for her today.
Today was the day when she would set herself free from that monster , who made her life a living hell. Today was the day when she will finall end her abusive relationship with that monster.
Everyone in the hall , the court room waited for her to speak , but she stood silent. She removed the long shrug , she was wearing to cover her scars. She remained quit letting her scars speak, no one knew her story better than her own scars.

Everyone present in the court room was shocked to see those scars on her, everyone looked at her with awe . Some had tears in their eyes , some were proud of her for taking  stand.

She smiled as the tears continued to flow from her eyes. She was finally free from that relationship , from her married life. Now that monster was behind the bars and she was free to live , to breath.
– Unnati Madan.


P.s : Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. Just don’t tolerate this crime. Nothing can be bigger than your own self. Take a stand for yourself , for your children , for a better life. Say no to domestic violence.

25 thoughts on “The day …

  1. Excellent story Unnati! The message comes across beautifully. Gracefully written, moving yet not too melodramatic and handles the issue very well!

    It’s a sad reality, but physical abuse is a real problem. People need to talk and stand up against such injustice happening in our society. Well done Unnati, proud of you! ☺️👍👍💕


  2. I was in an abusive relationship, but I was in denial. I thought this cannot be happening to me, I was educated, a strong, independent woman. He was in love with me and he apologized profusely. I rationalized that he was only doing that because the drugs made him do it but when he’s “normal” he is ok. We’re ok. I was too embarrassed to ask for help or to admit that I allowed myself to be in that situation. After I mustered enough courage to get out of that relationship I vowed that I will do something to help other women in similar situations so they won’t feel stuck, helpless and hopeless like I was then.

    Is this your story? Check out my blog, maybe we can inspire other women together.
    More power to you.

    Carpe diem!
    LIVE ❤ LAUGH … Belle Papillon

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    1. Ohh.. I am sorry for what happened. But you are one brave woman and I am proud of you for taking stand for yourself.
      No the story was fictional but I will surely visit your blog and we will work together on the issue . And I am glad that the post could reach the right person. Tysm for sharing your story with me 😊

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  3. The beginning was so intriguing, it brought so many questions on my mind, who is she? Where’s she going? What is the occasion? These questions kept me captivated to know what’s the story. Great write up with strong message!


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