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The lipstick stain !!

He threw his shirt over her , as he came after changing to his night wears.

how was your day in office ? ” she asked putting her arms around him.

It was a busy day , I think I will fall asleep early today ” he replied , kissing her forhead , he left the room.

She thought how after so many years of their married life , he could still make her blush. How their love became stronger and stronger year after year. She thought about how her life would have been if she has not married him.Hugging his shirt , she could smell him.

Baby come outside I am hungry ” his voice made her come back to real world.

Coming wait ” she said smiling.

As she was about to put that shirt on the bed , she noticed the lipstick stain on his shirt. She was shaken. Her mind flickered with anger. But her heart knew that he can never hurt her like this.

But what if , if he is cheating on me ? Oh my god!! ” the words escaped her mouth.

The tears had started to form on the corners of her eyes. She was afraid to loose him. She was afraid that her happily ever after would become once upon a time. She was scared , shattered.

She sat on the bed , not able to move further . She kept on staring the lipstick stain. Her married life was at stake , her life was at stake , the years she spent with him were at stake.

And just then a voice came ,

mumma , how am I looking ? Dad loved my makeup ” her 5 year old daughter said.

Isn’t she looking adorable ? Btw she spoiled my shirt ” he said hugging and kissing her daughter.

The improper red marks on her daughter’s lip made her smile. She felt relieved.
Unnati Madan

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