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‘I Do ‘ , ‘ I Don’t ‘ !!!

Walking down the aisle , dressed in a white bridal attire , she looked like a fairy. 
As she walked towards the end , he could sense the fear in her heart , all the nervousness she was hiding behind her smile. His heart started beating faster with every step she took further.
He remembered when he saw her for the first time , his heart skipped a beat and his nerves got tangled by just one look of her , he knew he had fallen for her ,  from her smile to her style , from her way of talking to the way she walk , he had fallen for every single little thing she did.  
Every time they met he knew that she’s the one for him. Every time she hugged him, he wished the time would stop. Every time they talked he wished their talks would never end. Every time she laughed he wished to be the reason behind. 
She was standing  , with her eyes looking downwards , she looked mesmerizing , everyone was awestruck by the beauty she possessed. She was the most beautiful bride.
And he was the best man for the night , standing behind the groom. He looked at her.
He looked at her for the one last time,for the one last time she looked at him. His worst nightmare of loosing her was taking place right in front of his eyes.
He thought how unlucky he was, as the most precious thing in his life was going away from him and he can’t do anything to stop that thing. He thought may be it was meant to end like this , may be their love was never meant to be complete , may be its the end of their tragic love story. He regretted not expressing his feelings , his love to her.
Do you take each other as husband and wife ? ” asked the priest , making him come out of his thoughts. His heart started to sank.
Slowly she raised her eyes to meet his gaze. His heart felt heavy as he saw her eyes filled with tears.
I do ” said the groom.
I don’t ” said the bride.


                            – Unnati Madan 


This post is in response to today’s one word prompt , Nightmare


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