Happy  birthday not happy anymore !

From funky anklets and bangles to messy buns and lowers. From being the most notorious kid of the family to becoming the most serious one. From being the most polite one to becoming the most satirical , rude and loud one at times. From being the most sensitive one , to becoming the most strongest one. From being a pampered daughter , to becoming a responsible daughter. And this was my journey so far. 

The last one year of my life was like that I was on a rollercoaster ride and that too without a seatbelt on. It was the worst yet the most important years of my life. 
I fall ,

I rose ,

I walked ,

I fell again ,

And then again I started to walk.

…. This journey never seems to end. Yes pain changes us , and I am glad that it changed me to what I am today , a better person and moreover I now know who is actually worth keeping in  life.
But the most important thing that I learned this year was , ” never expect anything from anyone ” , even if it is your own cousins , your own relatives , your own friends , they will all leave you struggling alone. One has to fight their own battles ALONE ! 
Although I never needed anyone but seeing everyone changing their colors is really heartbreaking !
On this 21st birthday of mine , as I look back I remember the time when I was scared , shattered and what not , but now I am standing strong to face any challenge that life brings in. 
But I know things will never get back to what it used to be. My birthday will never be the same that it used to be. That void in my life can never be filled. My Happy Birthday not happy anymore .😊
I miss you mother 😍


21 thoughts on “Happy  birthday not happy anymore !

  1. One has to walk alone…i understand and i feel what you’ve been goin through, my story is also the same may be less or may be more difficult to explain in words but anyways life is a battle; and we are enough strong to handle all the situations with the smiling face; so be hapie 🙂
    Btw Wishing you a Happiest b’day…:-) Stay blessed!!

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  2. hey, gul..happy birthday. May you live long and prosper in your life. I can understand the pain and struggle you have gone through. We can”t bring back the people we have lost once but still to make them proud and happy we should not get weak. Be happy and tell your mom that how much you have changed and you are able to make everyone happy around you. :). Cheer up bae, and always try to find happiness in every little thing, u will surely understand that little things around us make us more happy than human beings!!! ❤ ❤ 🙂 .Now, smile and keep it up 😀

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  3. Though, I’m late, still Happy Birthday, Unnati! 21st sounds so special, right?
    Also, I feel that no matter what happened, you have came out so strong, never let the light of your grace fade away. This day is so special for many of your loved ones. Especially for your mother. So, why shouldn’t this special day be happy one? She must be looking up from there, watching over you. Wouldn’t she be the happiest if you see this day as the happy one?

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  4. I felt like I was reading about myself and I could relate to a lot in this. Except for the last line.
    A much needed post my recent birthday was same like yours.
    Anyways keep smiling and yes BIRTHDAY wishes for you 😇🎉

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