Short Stories 💟

That girl !

It was an another night , that she was seeing that girl in her dreams. She saw herself laughing and crying , talking and listening to that girl in her dreams.

Waking up anxiously at 2 in the night , she logged into her Facebook account. She started searching for that one particular profile on fb , she texted everyone from her batch she thought would be in touch with that girl , but no one seemed to be in touch with her.

After hours of searching and talking about her with everyone she knew  she finally decided to quit.

How can someone not be on Facebook in today’s time ? ” she said in disappointment.

oh god , just help me out in this ” she wished.

Thinking about the days spent with that girl still brought smile on her face , those long hours of gossiping and bitching about anything and everything still made her laugh , their love for street food made her stomach crave for their favorite snack. She missed how they used to make notes till late at night. School was over and so the good time.

She remembered her last conversation with her , which was 6 months back from that day. She wondered that how did she forget about her , that how did she managed to live without the person whom she told everything about , to whom she shared every single moment of her life. She was the closest friend of her , she was her best friend.

She closed her eyes and then her phone beeped ,

Oh sure ! I will ask her to text you” , the text read. It was a reply from one of the batch mates she had texted and she could not be any less happier.

Waiting for the reply , she felt scared , what if things are not like before ? What if she is a changed person now ? She could have texted me first , why I am doing efforts ? What if she doesn’t want to continue our friendship ? What if she had made new friends ?… she slept thinking about that girl with her phone in her hand.

After few hours , her phone beeped to a new message.

Hello Dora !! How are you ?  ” with one eye open, she read the text.

And yes she had not changed a bit. A single text was enough to bring the hurricane of emotions in her.
Omg ! omg ! I finally found you. .I have to tell you so many things. Omg where the hell were you ? ” she replied back.

haha.. I missed you too ” she texted back.

And with the little effort she found that girl. She found her once lost best friend back and now she is not going to loose her.
P.s : Ever wondered how many times we actually let go our friendships and relationships because of our ego , because of not putting effort to text or call or talk first.

With some little efforts we can actually save our relationships and friendships. So stop assuming that they don’t care and take a step forward keeping your egos aside.

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