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Her dead self . . . 


She waked up due to noises, not letting her sleep. It seemed a lot of people were crying near her. She opened her eyes, she saw her mother in front of her, crying, screaming , calling her name again and again. She quickly went near her mother.
What happened maa ? Why are you crying ? Tell me ” she said to her mother.
But her mother continued crying , she was not responding to her daughter’s questions.
maa ? Tell me ? What happened ? Speak up ? ” she said again , this time more loud and clear.
look at me maa , tell me ? ” she said and looked around to see her father sitting with his hand over his head . She went near him
Dad , what happened ? Why Mom is crying like this ? ” she asked.
look at me dad , what happened? Why these people have come to our house ? ” she said  .
What is wrong with you both ? Why aren’t you telling me anything ?” She shouted as she turned around to see herself lying on the floor, still , covered in white bedsheets.
Her eyes widened , mouth opened in  shock. She fell on her knees , she looked at herself without blinking. She was dead. She was no more.
Horrified by the view in front of her , she started crying. She went near her own dead self. She saw marks of blades and nails on her body , her hands , her chest , her legs everywhere. Her clothes were torn. Her hair were messy. Eyes that had swollen by the crying.
She remembered everything now , everything that happened that night , that how happy and excited she was for her best friend’s birthday , that how her boyfriend forced her to drink , how her boyfriend along with his friends  took her to the abandoned area , how they all raped her one by one , how they all tore her apart , how they changed the color of her body to red and then to blue , how they killed her mercilessly , and threw her on the road. She remember herself waiting for the death to arrive .
But it didn’t. She was still alive , she was taken to the hospital , in the icu  she was. Fighting for her own life and praying to die at the same Time. She could still hear herself shouting , screaming , crying her heart out . She could still see those monsters around her.
She heard her name in the news , she was a drug addict , everyone said , she was wearing short skirts and was out from her home till late night , Everyone blamed her for the mishap.
The culprits were out on the bail , they were parting hard to celebrate their father’s fame.
Justice need to be served ” everyone said , but no one took step forward for her.
She saw herself dying waiting for justice , she saw her death coming before justice came to her , she saw her dreams dying , before she could see her culprits behind the bars. She saw her parents head turning down , before she could make them proud of her. She closed her eyes , just like the statue of law.
Somewhere in the parallel world ,
She opened her eyes , frightened , gasping for air. It was another nightmare she got that night since that incidence. She thought about the nightmares , she thought what would have happened , if things were like that.
But thankfully the justice was done , the culprits were now behind the bars , her parents were proud of her being the role model for many people. Everyone praised her bravery and now she never wished for death , she wanted to live her life.
Unnati Madan

Image Source : Pinterest


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