Short Stories πŸ’Ÿ

That Phone Call. . .

They were sitting in his car , in the parking area. They were discussing the same topic again , which she never wanted to face .

say yes or no ? Do you love me ” he asked again.

She remained silent , afraid of being judged , afraid of losing him , she sat still over there , silently.  She wanted to say yes . She wanted to tell him that she loves him very much , that she can’t live without him , that he is the only one she look out her future with , but she remained quite.

She was afraid of being judged , that what would he think of her , that what kind of girl she is , she just came out of a bad relationship few days before and now she wants to come into another one. She was afraid of such remarks.

But the truth was something else , she never felt like this before , she never loved anyone to this extent , she never felt this precious ever before , no one made her feel special like this before , but he did.

He was there at her worst and the best. He was there at every up and down. He was right there holding her back , giving her the strength. He made her smile , when she was crying her heart out. He made her live and laugh and love. He was her best friend.

Her eyes filled with tears now. She came out of her thoughts and looked at him.

Tell me , even if its a no , just speak your heart out ” he said. “ I promise , I won’t come in your way if it’s a no , I won’t be a huddle in your life anymore. But Just say something

” I had to go , I am sorry , bye “ she said , her heart beating faster with every passing moment.

ohkay , I won’t trouble you anymore , I promise you won’t see my face or hear my voice again ” he said with anger in his heart. He could hear his heart breaking in million pieces.


Hours later ,

laying over her bed , her head deep buried under her pillows. She cursed herself for hurting him again , for not saying yes , for not letting her emotions flow , for not speaking her heart out.

And just then her phone rang , it was him.

hey , what’s up ? ” he said.

The tears in her eyes found their way out. She started crying. Afraid to loose him again ,

I love you ” She confessed.

That night she found the love of her life in her best friend. That night that phone call marked the beginning of her love story.

                    – Unnati Madan

16 thoughts on “That Phone Call. . .

  1. Coming out of a bad relation
    Falling again with somone
    Starting as friends
    Trying to fix broken ends
    Then a magical phone call
    Making their heart stall
    Confessing of their love
    A new beginning for two doves!

    Beautifully written, Unnati. Your post made me nostalgic πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I read ue blogs as circumstances made me stronger but ur blogs r not recommended for weak heart ! Reason? U hav utmost power on use of words…u r opposite of Shakespeare coz he make happy n end sad n u go reverse !

    Liked by 1 person

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