3 Days – Quotes Challenge !!😊

Okay , hey everyone ! I would like to thank The wounded healer For nominating me in this challenge.

Okay , So instead of posting my favourite quotes for 3 consecutive days , I would be writing all my favourite quotes here in this one post.

So starting with my favourite quotes :-



This is one of the most motivating quote that I have ever read. I remember when I was in 5th class , my uncle gifted me a dictionary on my birthday. On its first page , this quote was written in his handwriting. This quote is motivating me since that day 😊



This quote by the great Mr. Albert Einstein speaks for itself. 😊



Anger destroys everything. This quote by Lord Buddha is actually a lesson that we all should learn.



This quote by the most wittiest person , Mr. Shahrukh Khan , nothing is permanent in this world. Everything changes with time , starting from people to things , everything is temporary.



The reason why I love this quote is , I can so relate myself to this quote. This quote is taken from one of his movie , I think Fight Club it is.



And mistakes are the best teachers , they make us humble.



Don’t you think , that we all are like sharks over here ? We all need to keep moving on , so that no one including us could stop us. Another favourite quote by Mr. Pitt.


Thank you again , The wounded healer for nominating me. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “3 Days – Quotes Challenge !!😊

  1. i love the second one, it reminds me that sometimes we idle around things that are useless just to find that they don’t count for anything in our destiny

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