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(S)miles apart. . .

(That's me in the picture )

She smiled when her world was bright ,
When everything appeared beautiful and nice.

She smiled when she was low ,
But the pain failed to steal her glow.

She smiled when she was left alone ,
she collected broken pieces of her own.

She smiled when the world was doubtful of her will ,
But she didn’t let her strength to spill.

She smiled , and the world looked in awe
she gulped her tears before they could  show ,

She smiled , when she was crying ,
But she never stopped trying.

She smiled , for her family’s sake ,
Their hope was on stake

She smiled , when her heart ached
She was getting better to fake.

She smiled , hiding her scars behind ,
Scars that made her stronger & her heart shine.

                  – Unnati Madan


This post is in reference to today’s one word prompt , awe .

24 thoughts on “(S)miles apart. . .

  1. She smiled and each time, you’d see a heavenly glow,
    Like the morning sunshine, falling on the soft snow,

    She smiles but that’s not the only thing that sets her apart,
    She is an intelligent writer and she’s certainly quite smart,

    She writes from the heart, and the her words are quite fiery,
    And in love you will fall, with the stories from her diary !

    Loved the poem Unnati, I couldn’t resist writing something for you, Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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